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Find a Co-Founder/Collaborator 

Below you will find a directory of professionals who are looking for people to start an impactful, Effective Altruism-aligned organization or project with.

Here are some tips when using the directory:
- Filtering: You can use the filters to create a short list. To add a filter, just right click on the column you would like to filter, click on "Filter by this field", and add the necessary conditions.
- Downloading Results: On the bottom right corner you can open a bigger version of the directory for easier navigation and download the data to CSV, which might be useful, for example, to integrate the names into your CRM and send invite emails.
Email Addresses: If you would like email addresses for anyone on the list, please apply for access to our recruiter directory.
- Full-Screen: To view a larger version of the table, you can select "View larger version" in the bottom righthand corner of the table.

Have ideas about how to improve the directory to make it more usable for your organization or project?
We would love to hear from you.

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